They thought it couldn’t get any worse.

The inhabitants of Jolaria had led a tenuous existence indeed. It has been an era since the sun has truly shone, and though they have held on to their lives with an iron grip, the time is wearing on them. The villagers are holding on with their last breath.

So it is unsurprising to discover how despairing the villagers are. They all cope differently, but each and every one is panicking. They pray fervently to the Almighty, begging for a light in the darkness.

You are that light.

As a player in the Dark Skies campaign, you’ll be called upon to help shape this world, both on and off the table. This requires an understanding of the basic elements of the campaign. You can start with the Campaign Overview, which will give you an idea of the focus of this campaign. From there, you can read other pages as they’re created, including details about villages, NPCs, and other important parts of the world. As your characters are created, pages will be created for each of them, including descriptions and backgrounds.

Remember that this is a shared story. If you have an idea or think something doesn’t fit, feel free to tell me.

Dark Skies

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