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Campaign Setting

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The Dark Skies campaign is set in a world called Athos. Athos is intended to be a darker setting; evil lurks around every corner. This is reflected in a contrast against some campaigns. In another story, the world is peaceful to begin and the adventurers try to return the people to that peace. In Athos, the world is already darkened, and this outbreak is merely the coin that breaks the dragon’s back.

Campaign Story

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The theme of this campaign is intended to be something of a holy quest: darkness rules, and only you can return the world to light. This is not, of course, the rule: as stated on the welcome page, these adventures provide opportunity for untold riches. But if your character is motivated only by glory and luxury, he or she will be sorely disappointed. A shifty rogue without a shred of compassion will become as much an enemy for the good people of Athos as any goblin.

A highlight of your adventures will be your war against vampires. Not much is known about them except far-fetched tales of stalkers in the night, so you will be just as much searching for the answer to their existence as you will be seeking a wooden stake.

Vampires will not be your only challenge, though. The era of night has made monsters bold, and there are rumors of a band of more intelligent blights gathering for an organized strike. This would be catastrophic in an already splintered world.

Finally, the kingdom of dark elves in the north are rumored to be gathering for an attack on the other races of Athos. It will be your job to outwit them and stop their influence once and for all.

These are just a taste of the adventures you will face. There will doubtless be other, less powerful but equally dangerous villains. Cults, aberrations, and beasts will face you. And maybe the corruption of this world will reach one of the townspeople. But the only way to know for sure what you face is to give your input and play.

Starting Point: Jolaria

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Your starting point is Jolaria. This is the point at which you will begin the campaign, and it has served as your character’s home for at least a year. Jolaria will serve as your home, and when darkness falls even for you, this small town will be your refuge.


Jolaria is a settlement at the western edge of civilization, a beacon in a sea of black. It is a hotbed of races and resources. Humans, elves, halflings, dwarves, and even some mixed races all have a say in important matters. And the mountain range to the north and west serve as a source of metals and gems, with the forest to the southwest providing rich lumber. There are even rare artifacts to be found in abundance in the labyrinth of caves beneath the Nomad Plains to the east.

House Rules

Main Page: House Rules

In D&D, DMs have the ability to change their worlds to suit the story they and their players want to tell. I have made extensive modifications to a fair amount of rules, and while most of these are just cosmetic, they are very important. For example, there is only one God. D&D’s default rules support a polytheistic religion. I cannot knowingly run a game that contradicts such a basic tenant of my faith, so the Dark Skies campaign does not support multiple gods.

Please see the main page (link above) for a list of changes.

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