Fengar Tularia

Fengal is the elf that shouldn't be. He is both the wealthiest inhabitant of Dreamer's Heights and the fear of all respectable elves.


Fengar Tularia is the highest ranking noble of Dreamers’ Heights and a true rarity in the elvish society. He is feared by other elves in the Dreamers’ Heights, but not for malice, or clumsiness, but the simple fact that he should not be an elf. He has the wit and talent for politics of an elf, but that is where the similarities end. He has the passion of a human, the energy of a halfling, and his talent for finding the best ale in the world is unmatched even by dwarves. He runs a tavern! With the ability and station to participate in the politics of Dreamers’ Heights, and the talents of pretty much every other race, he is near-Voldemortian in the dread he inspires. His talents are ignored. His status is recognized only in passing. His name is taboo in polite society. In closing, that you may fully grasp the white-faced terror he inspires, understand that a possible renaming of an elf’s bane weapon is Fengal’s blade.


He’s that bad.

Fengar Tularia

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